Pictures of Florida's Wild Animals


     Once again, a truly amazing animal. The Peacock is of course known for it's amazing tail feathers called Plumage. They use these to attract mates or just startle away onlookers. I've had them "flash" me before, I'm telling you, it's an amazing site. Even when closed, their tail is immense. Almost as interesting to me is their hairdo so to speak, they have a headdress like an ancient Roman helmet, and their pretty faces look as if they have eyeshadow and make up. They really are oh so colorful.

These breathtaking birds are also really LARGE. They have a body about the size of a turkey, already pretty big, but then their tail is like another 4 or 5 feet. And the funny thing is, the peacocks act like it's normal. Me, I'd be tripping over that thing, but they are very cognizant of it, and are actually quite graceful. Although they do get nervous if you walk near enough where you might step on it! I've seen a few wild peacocks, and most are more friendly than your average bird. I've seen a few at parks, but a good place to catch them (although a little cheaty) is at Busch Gardens. Right when the park is closing, and most people are gone, usually a number descend in the animal/garden areas to eat popcorn and feast upon junk food. These are obviously a little less wild than most, but most of them aren't inmates. Anyhow, it's a good chance to get a look at them. Oh yeah, there are white ones too.

This is an old picture I just found. This fellow was immediately outside the Lithia Springs park in Brandon. It was quite a shock, at that time I didn't really know there were wild peacocks in Florida. They are rare, you definitely need luck to see one if you don't go to Busch Gardens.

Commonality list

This is my list of the likelihood of seeing various creatures based on my experiences. Of course, you have to be in the right habitat, the odds of seeing a Dolphin in the forest are not very good. Also, these are based a lot on my local area of Hillsborough County (Tampa). A hyperlink means some kind of info and probably some photos are available.


If you are in the appropriate habitat, you should run into one of these. In many cases, you can't avoid them.


These are harder to find. You'll have to spend some time outdoors and probably look a little for these. However, odds are you'll find one after a little effort.


Difficult to find. Usually, it's just luck to find one, or you'll have to look very hard. You'll probably only see one every six months.

Ultra Rare

Very difficult to find. Most people, even people who spend a fair amount of time outdoors, like me, never see one. Consider yourself truely priviledged if you do catch a glimpse of one in the wild.

  • Bald Eagle
  • Florida Panther
  • Bobcat
  • Otter