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Star Wars Customizable Card Game
Card Games? What About Them?

    Everyone knows how to play a few games with a standard deck of cards but did you know there are many other types of card games played with different types of decks. There are card games for virtually every interest. Some of these games encourage you to collect and trade different cards.

    A Trading Card Game is unlike any game you've ever experienced before! In a normal card game, both players play with the same deck of cards. In a Trading Card Game players have a universe of over 1000 cards that they can choose from and each player builds their own play deck from a selection of cards. Cards are sold in decks and booster packs and new expansions are released frequently. You can 'customize' your deck by adding or removing cards between games to 'tweak' it into the ultimate winning machine!

    Imagine playing a game of chess where each player could select from 1000 pieces, each of which moved differently. You would select your 16 pieces in secret, and so would your opponent. Sitting opposite him, surveying the board, you would make your attacks based on the pieces you selected, and form your defenses based on the pieces your opponent selected. Of course, you'd have to change your strategy and pieces from time to time, otherwise your opponent would always know what's coming and he could prepare for it by selecting different pieces! It would never get boring, that's for sure!

    TCGs not only allow a player to express their individuality by selecting their playing style they also encourage a innovation and excellence by rewarding a well planned and thoughtfully executed strategy.

    There are many different types of card games to choose from. DeckTech provides community forums for the following:

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