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    Help, I Lost my Password!
    Your password is available to you by email automatically. If for any reason you enter your password incorrectly you will see a large green link that says. "Forget Your Password?" By clicking on this link you will be asked for your member name only. The DeckTech system will mail your password to the email address it currently has listed for you. For this reason it is important to keep your member information as up to date as possible.

    How do I submit Decks and Articles to be reviewed?
    Only Registered Members can submit decks and articles, you can register here for free. Once your a member you will have access to the member center. Go to the home page for the game you want to submit for and look in the navigation or member center drop down box for a link that says "Submit It!". Use the submission wizard to submit your decks, articles and tournament reports.

    Why should I care about my Tech Points?
    Members can spend their tech points to gain greater control and more access to the content here at DeckTech. Members with highest ratings will be able to purchase special privileges that will distinguish them when they submit or post.

    How do I get more Tech Points?

    When you first join DeckTech you start with 1500 tech points in your general account. When you enter content, a deck, article or tournament report for a specific game the first time 1/4 of those points are assigned to your tech rating for that game. This is how you indicate to our system that you play that specific game. For each following submission you post for that game your points will be assigned to that game until all points have been distributed.

    Points are then added or subtracted based on the ratings you receive for each submission. Each time someone reviews one of your submissions your tech points are adjusted.

    In addition for each article, deck or tournament report you review your rating will increase by 1 point.

    What is the Tech Points rating scale?

    You are awarded points based on each review. The scale is as follows. For each review you get.

    5: +3
    4: +2
    3: 0
    2: -1
    1: -2

    Can I use DeckTech decks and articles on my web site or in my magazine?
    For Web sites:
    If you have a membership you can ask the author directly through the member mail center for permission to post their article or deck. You can not post decks or article on your site without permission of the original author.

    For Magazines or newsletters:
    You must obtain written permission from DeckTech or the originating authors to publish any of this sites content including decks, articles and tournament reports. DeckTech can be contacted at,

    Can I post a local tournament on your web site?
    You can post information about your local tournaments on your member page or on your DeckTech Groups site. If you are promoting a large event contact the DeckTech event department at for more promotion options.

    Can I get my Web Site listed in your links page?
    If the site is CCG related you can add it to the specific game it relates to by posting it in the related links section located in Resources. All non-ccg related sites will be removed. All online CCG retailers will be removed. For information on how to advertise your store contact

    Can I advertise my store on your web site?
    For information regarding advertisement contact:

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