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            Official Announcement - World Championships 2008
            scott reports on Tue Jun 10 2008 DeckTech Update
            October 9th-12th

            Twin City Comics
            (763) 706-0857
            3954 Central Ave Ne
            Columbia Heights, MN 55421

            Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport

            There are hotels located North, South, and East of the location. The Hotels to the South are located near or in downtown Minneapolis. Those to the East are located near I-35W mainly concentrated on Centre Pointe Dr, St. Paul, Mn. Those to the North are located near the interchage of I-694 and I-94.

            Public Transportation:
            The Store is located across the street from the Columbia Heights Transit station, part of the Metro Transit bus service.

            Below is some more information from the World's Host: Garrett Larson (Deadbody)

            Considerations: MN has a large international airport, great shopping and museums, there are several hotels close by Twin City Comics (within a few minutes drive) and significant free parking available across the street from the venue. Per a discussion with Jay (the owner of Twin City Comics) there would be little to no charge for the use of the space, which has comfortably hosted tournaments of over 40 people and wouldn’t get tight until over 60 was reached. We would be able to keep the store open for the hours needed for the tournaments with no problem. The local playerbase would serve as excellent ambassadors for the community, we would be able to coordinate everything, and I feel confident that I would be able to get a block of rooms at a discount from a nearby hotel. Flights into Minneapolis/St. Paul airport can be had reasonably. And I will be more than willing to host a few players at my house.

            I would be the local contact person. MN has shown itself year after year to be a hotbed of good players, and a large playerbase. I think hosting a large event would be a great way to say thank you to the community here, as well as showcasing an area which unfairly gets labeled at times as flyover country.

            Stay tuned for much more information to come about events, prize support, etc., and post questions here about lodging or local questions.

            Start booking your travel now, we look forward to a huge turnout this year!!

            Special thanks to Garrett, Henry and the Tournament Committee!
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            Excuse my ignorance, but as I see no mention of it I must ask: what game(s) are being hosted at this tournament?

            David Kyles - Sat Jun 28 2008


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